Monthly Archive: May 2018

Why You Should Opt For Yoga

Yoga, originated in ancient India, is an infamous practice around the globe which develops once body, mind and spirit. The reason why yoga has become so popular among many is because of the positive effect it has on everyone who practices it. It has been passed down from generations to generations, meaning that it was practiced by decades old people. Isn’t it quite shocking to know that it is still being widely practiced? Well, it won’t be so much after you read this article. 


With the technological advancement, many techniques has emerged to overshadow yoga. But their effort is in vain as there is almost nothing that can beat this practice. If one were to go for the gym, they would have to work on different parts of the body at different times of the day. They will also have to put on a huge effort, so many equipments to work on and so many weights to lift, even the sound of it doesn’t seem to be so good. There might even be some side effects. Yoga on the other hand is different. You can connect the dots and do a whole body workout through this ancient practice. You won’t be wasting a huge amount of time to work on different organs. Whether you are going for yin yoga sequence, kundali poses or vinyasa poses, you will be getting a whole body workout.

Saves money and convenience 

Bringing gym to your home? Not so easy, is it. Creating your own gym space at home or buying a gym membership means lots of cash outflow. Add the transport and other equipment to this and the sum you get at the end is not very pleasant. For yoga all you need is a mat. You can do it at home as well. Of course getting a trainer at the beginning will be the better option as you will be able to learn the poses properly. You can do t anytime, anywhere, as you prefer. Did you know that you can even do it naked? Well, yoga is a better way to cut back the cost and it is also a safer option. You will be gaining so much while saving tons of cash. Ashtanga training, yin yoga workshop or heath training, whatever you prefer can be done as you desire. 

No injuries 

Another really good reason why you should opt for yoga is that it doesn’t create any side effect given a proper training. As you will be doing the poses or asanas with mindfulness, you will be focusing more on your body. This will avoid any possible injury. That is why yoga doesn’t have any age limit. In fact, it can used to cure certain injuries and diseases like back pain. You will need to consult a doctor beforehand.  

These are some obvious reasons as to why yoga is still quite popular among many. In fact, yoga is being widely spread throughout the globe. Opting for yoga will bring you so many benefits.